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Greetings once again to all the beautiful people of the world. My name is Terrell McCall and thank you for visiting v-l-t.com. I am here to meet your life coaching needs. Let me tell you about myself and how I got started in this way of life. The reason why I say way of life is because helping people is always been a part of my life. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In a house hold of ten to twelve at any giving time. We all found it more rewarding to share with each other and try to help one another as much as we can. We were financially poor living well below the poverty level. However, most years we found ourselves around the holidays just wanting a good home cooked meal. Yes, we wanted materialistic things like all the other children due to the lack of finances. High ticket gifts were never a discussion. In fact, we were happy to get anything at all. My mother is amazingly awesome. She always made sure we ate had clean cloths and made it to school on time. I love you Jean Bradley and thank you so much for your contribution to my life. I moved into the basement of our home that was located on the 3100 block of Spring Garden St. Across from the art museum bridge. Before the underworld rap battle there was a little rap group, I wanted to be a part of.  Every day after school also during the summer time I was developing my creative ability. I was turned down many times and never got a chance to join the group however that did not stop me from creating my own style, music, and songs. I wanted to create music so bad I built my own studio in the basement. I spent hours upon hours creating and mastering. When I opened up for business out my mom’s basement it was never really about the money, I just wanted to make some good music to share with the world. I have met many types of artists creating all types of fascinating music. All of the artist I worked with was local talent. Sense a lot of the artist I worked with were people I known for a while. The business side of making music in the basement of my mom’s house suffered dramatically. After that point in my life, I became a drifter. Drifting in and out of different jobs. For a long time, I enjoyed work where I did not have to think a whole lot. As you know these jobs are most taxing on your body. Such as furniture delivery and setup, construction and clean up jobs. I enjoyed working these jobs because a valuable service was being provided. This was not the end for me. There's just has to be more for me to give. There has to be more than just PHILLY. I decided one day I was going to take a trip. I have been talking to the mother of my children for a few weeks before I got a greyhound ticket and traveled 2500 miles to MEDFORD OREGON. I thought I worked some crazy hard jobs before trying wildland firefighting. I got my first taste of the smoke on a small fire. I swung the pick and the smoke jumped in my mouth. That when my understanding of the dangers of firefighting became real to me. Pacific Oasis was the company I worked for and this is an awesome place to work. However, the sad part and more devastating part of the job is when people homes, farms, and sometime small towns burn to ash. Nothing left for the people who spent their whole life working for everything they have just to lose it in a fire. The ARMEDA fire took everything from my family and I on 9/8/2020. I have a book that will be available soon for download. Detailing the events during that tragic event. As my family and I begin to build a new life for ourselves. A new and stronger me emerged out of the depth of my being. A year or more before the fire. I started listening to motivational and inspirational tapes. As a result, when we lost everything, the knowledge I consumed kept me from fully breaking down. The man I am today is much more than the man I was yesterday. The man I will be tomorrow will be greater than the man I am today. Not too soon after rebuilding a more powerful me. My passion is to help people magnify there potential a thousand times. How was I going to provide an awesome service that could help people and provide for my family? In the mist of the COVID-19 outbreak I needed to create something that I could be proud of. One beautiful day I decided to start my own Life Coaching and motivational speaking business. If you would like to learn more about me. Please join our Facebook group and ask all the questions you like. This is my short story about me. Hope you enjoyed the read.


My mission is to help heal the hearts and minds of falling humanity by online live coaching,  activities and public speaking. 


My vision is to see many people reach there inner and outer goals in life.

Whats My Motivation

Climb that mountain inside yourself
Choose your own path and get out your own way.

Seek It

motivation is free. You can seek it or create it.

Breve It

Climb that mountain inside yourself

Climb It

why choose Virtual Live Technician ?

I understand people need honest and genuine people to help motivate them in a positive way. We also understand that there are people in this world that has special gifts waiting to be unlocked and created for the world to see. Providing one of  greatest online coaching experience anyone has ever thought to create.

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