What Is V-L-T ?


A Virtual Life Technician is a life coach who operates online thru a video camera as a face to face medium.

Mediums such as zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.

A Virtual Life Technician also make's call to there clients to ensure the best results.

Why It works !!

  • One On One
  • Small Groups

  • Straight to the point

  • Result is a must

  • 100% Online

When does these tour take place ?

The tours take place every 3 months for 3 months starting in September. The tour consists of live chats, video's, exercise's and more. These tours are designed to help anyone to step into there true selves. 

Who will you be your Virtual Life Technician ?

Greeting's once again my name is Terrell McCall and I am you Virtual life Technician.

Where do the sessions take place ?

All virtual live sessions will be provided a link in there email 15 minutes before joining the session. All call will be made on a weekly basis for added support.